After 3 years of getting married to my husband, I wish I could roll back the hands of time.

I wish I never married such a man.

My name is Elizabeth, and my whole life changed when I got married to my husband.

The truth is, before marriage I and my man never made love, he never had sex with me. He always told me that we should wait until after we are legally married.

Unfortunately, I never knew that he was avoiding me because his manhood was really, really small and he cannot last more than 1 minute when he makes love to me, his wife.

The situation was really bad, my husband cannot perform well, he is not doing his job at all and that always make me sad.

Whenever I confronted him with the issue, he always defended himself by saying he is trying his best.

How can a man call himself a man when he cannot last more than one minute during sex, and has a tiny manhood that looks like that of a 3 year old boy even when it is erect?

To make the matter worse, I noticed that whenever we wanted to have sex, his manhood does not get erect, can you imagine?

He suffered from weak erection and low sperm count as well.

I was depressed… almost every night I cried and cried, because I didn’t know what to do.

Truth is, I love my husband so much and I did not want to commit adultery or cheat on him with another man… so, I decided to cry out for help. We started looking for solution to the problem.

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