We give the jingles to a bell
We turn silence into a yell.

We are the elements of a cell
We are emulsion, we are the gell.

We are the substances that we sell
We are the shallow and deep water well.

We are for heaven, we are for hell
We are the stories that we tell.

We are skeptical, arrogantly we ignore,
That we are all same steel, iron and ore.

We are the lies and the truth we blink
We are the stories that always leak.

We are the ink of our past, peak and link
Connecting in tandem from pipes to sink

We are our frowns, smiles and wink
We are our struggles, sorrows and meek

We are the stories told, slow and quick
On a script, we are breathe and things we think.

Author : Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu


via We are — Vinz Poetry