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Less than one per cent of women in the country use female condoms, Programme Officer, Reproductive Health and Family Planning of Pathfinder International, Dr Sekina Bello said.

She disclosed this yesterday during a stakeholders meeting on the review of female condom counselling tools organized by the Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH) in Abuja.

Bello, who is also the focal person implementing the female condom project of the organization said the acceptability of female condom was very low in both the northern and Southern parts of the country, adding that the 2013 Nigeria and Health Demographic Survey (NDHS) showed that less than one percent of women in Nigeria used female condoms .

“In the north it is almost non-existent, the commodities are available, but because the healthcare providers themselves don’t know how to use it not to talk of educating others, it is just left in the store or drawers,” she said.

She said that the latest brand has gone through modifications making it near natural, thin and noiseless. She also called for the inclusion of men as advocates of female condoms.

Communication Officer, ARFH, Ekene Ngwu said the female condom advocacy project of the association, was a short term project to review and evaluate female condom counselling tools such as posters, leaflets and fliers for health care providers.