Indeed the adultery scandal involving the General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleiman and a Canadian-based musician, Stephanie Otobo, is getting messier, as Otobo drags Apostle Sulieman to Toronto Ontario Superior court in Canada, demanding 5 million dollars.

Recall that Apostle Sulieman had earlier filled a suit against Otobo  and her lawyer in Nigeria on defamation, demanding 1 billion Naira.

However the suit reads thus, ”Otobo had relied on Apostle Suleman’s undertaking which led her, upon further prompting from Suleman, to forfeit her lucrative career and property in Canada to settle down in Nigeria with her would-be husband.

”Soon after, in late August 2015, Otobo arrived in Nigeria to meet Suleman at the Definite Destiny Hotel in Lagos where things took a dramatic turn when Stephanie was given a concoction which Apostle Suleman called “spiritual drink” but which turned was aimed at terminating her pregnancy.

”Otobo, who suffered bleeding after taking the concoction, managed to regain consciousness after she was given pain-killing pills by Suleman. She subsequently retuned to Canada to receive further treatment, even as she was then stalked by followers of Suleman who were also his church’s congregants in Canada.

”She eventually returned to Nigeria early this year to seek redress for her ordeal, but was arrested on March 17, 2017, in company of a male friend in Lagos and then arraigned on charges slammed on her by Nigerian police officers working under the direction of Suleman, the charges alarmingly include “terrorism.” She was then detained in different centers by the Nigerian police before being granted bail, even as the matter remains pending in court.

”Suleman subsequently engaged a sturdy propaganda machinery to stave off the potent threat of Otobo revelations on his person and the Omega Fire Ministries’ image in the public. Some of the tools he exploited were to portray Otobo as unworthy to be associated with, despite Otobo’s revelation of bank transactions between both of them, as well as goading Stephanie’s mother and sister to make public apology during a service at his church on Stephanie’s behalf in a demeaning manner.”

Finally, the Canada law holds it that, Suleman has within 40 (forty days) to serve and file his statement of defense. His failure to appear before Ontario court may warrant judgement given against him without notifying him.

See Ontario courts write up bellow: