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Smiling is a cure

Hi, I’m Emmanuel Jacobs, I smile alot and I’m smiling writing this; I am a motivational writer and a blogger, I started blogging in march 2017 with a blog called “THE PURPOSE“. you can check it though, you might just find something that will lighten up your enthusiasm about life and its passion.

I was born in the 90s, from Edo State, Nigeria. I studied Economics, and my passion is writing to change the mind-set, character and attitude of people to help them become the best they can be. More about me, please follow me on Facebook, twitter, instagram

INFO TREND was not just another blog but a platform to reach out to the world with News update, Entertainment, educative articles and lots more. I understand there are certain people who would prefer secondary data to primary data. INFO TREND do the research, while you do the reading.

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